We’ve had auctions, we have given away carloads to the Northern Dutchess Hospital Thrift Shop in Rhinebeck, NY (Gucci raincoats! Martini glasses!) and HousingWorks in New York City (an air conditioner!), and we still have all sorts of things that were actually owned and worn and used by Grayson and Sam (with emphasis, clothing-wise, on Grayson).

So we’re opening an eBay store.

Now: I was once contacted by a friend who saw that someone on eBay was selling clothing he claimed was owned by Grayson Hall. I went over to check it out, and didn’t recognize any of it– it was pretty generic. So I e-mailed the seller, identified myself as Grayson’s son, and asked about the items.

It didn’t go well. He responded to my inquiry by attacking, and attacking, and ATTACKING, until I eventually just backed off and let him stew in his own vituperative self-created fake memorabilia hell.

So: in order to prove that everything we sell is authentic:

Every item sold at our eBay store will come with a canceled check from 1972 or 1973 signed by Grayson Hall (or, if you prefer, Sam Hall, as I also have some of those). These checks will be crimped with an embosser to provide a further test of authenticity. And I will keep a record of check numbers and other identifying information tying the sale to the check, and vice versa.

The store is called Universe of Hall (I’d like to thank my son for that name) and can be found here:


The first item is up now. It’s a set of 7 really attractive large yellow cups and saucers (and a sugar bowl and creamer) that would be a complete 8 but for Grayson breaking one, under innocent circumstances, one autumn morning in Rhinebeck many years ago. There is an eighth saucer, chipped and reglued, but the cup was a goner, swept up and tossed.

I’m going to keep putting stuff up, hoping people find it interesting or unusual or attractive or useful, or just want to own something that was owned by Grayson or Sam. There will be inexpensive items and some things that are probably worth a bit more. If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to get in touch and ask.

Have fun with it– that is, in fact, the point.