Okay, folks, this is the tricky one—this is the one that’s going to hurt. On Saturday, June 27, some of the nicest of my parents’ stuff from Wildercliff will be auctioned off:


Though there will be interesting oddments of Grayson and Sam’s Hall’s collected weirdness in future auctions, this is the one with the most, the best, the big pieces that I will be sad to see go. But the thing is, to keep all this stuff, I would need, umm, two houses. And, well, we don’t have that.

One can bid through the internet; our stuff is lots 662 to 709. Half is furniture, which will probably be expensive; half is Majolica ceramic pieces, which will probably not. My parents collected it (you can tell the ones my father bought because he had a thing about monkeys) and it’s beautiful stuff, but it really doesn’t fit our lives. Two adolescent boys + delicate pottery = multicolored shards of broken monkey bits in vacuum cleaner bags.

In 1983, my parent’s house was featured in Architectural Digest magazine. In 2010, a blogger I didn’t know wrote a blog piece in which he said nice things about the rooms, and published the pictures. If you care to see the furniture in context, that blogger’s kind post can be found here:


We’ll get back to the carefully written nonfiction once this is all finally over and done.